We live at the Riverside Arts Centre (Sunbury)


News from our AGM on 13th September 

The meeting approved almost unanimously for the move towards closer

co-operation with Shepperton Players, as per the previously published proposal

There will now be two joint productions every year, the pantomime and the summer show

These will be produced under the banner of Sunbury Riverside Players

at other times the two groups will stage other productions under their separate identities 

Lorna Doyle

was voted to receive The Houlding Award

for her performance as

Mrs Wilberforce in The Ladykillers

Runner-up: Peter Cornish


Committee Elected

David Young (Chairman )

Saara-Sofia Pääkkö (Public Relations & Deputy Chairman)

Guy Shirley (Treasurer)

Karolina Liedtke (Secretary)

David Hight: John Hart

James Ford-Bannister: Lana Crevin: Sheila Wright